Perfect Matches for your Australia Day BBQ


The first long weekend of the year is here people.

And you’ve only had to work 2 weeks to get it. That is worth celebrating!

Drop in for our Australia Day tasting! Perfectly timed so you can pick something tasty to take to your Australia Day BBQ. See upcoming tastings here.


Check out our BBQ ready Australia Day Wine Matches:


Angullong Sangiovese:

Full flavoured but medium bodied and one of the most food friendly red varieties going.

The extra acidity and fine firm , tannins of Sangiovese make a perfect partner to juicy meats.

A delicious mouthful of plum and mulberry fruit,  finishing with a touch of pepper spice. $29.99

Perfect BBQ Match - Burgers.

Why? The tannin in the wine matches up to the protein in the meat and transforms into velvety deliciousness.


Moppity Lock & Key Pinot Noir:

Refined, polished and silky and a bargain!

A blend from two premium high altitude regions, Adelaide Hills and Tumbarumba showing great structure and bright cherry fruit. $23.99

Perfect BBQ Match - Salmon Cutlets

Why? The acidity in the Pinot is a good foil for the richness of Salmon and the cherry fruit marries well to a bit of smoky char from the BBQ.


Angullong Sangiovese Rosato:

Crisp and dry with a delicate wash of red cranberry fruit this is a great summer quaffer.

The Sangiovese base keeps it lean and long on the palate. $24.99

Perfect BBQ Match - Snags!

Why? We love our snags but they can be a bit fatty. The Rose is super crisp and refreshing, the acidity cuts through the fat and cleanses your palate for that next bite.

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