A trading application is provided for businesses and others seeking to regularly receive drinks or other services (free delivery, ice, glassware etc)

Pyrmont Cellars has a satisfied and loyal group of business customers which it is now seeking to expand. Over many years these customers have received a wide range of services including:

  • Access to our extensive range of wines and beers

  • Delivery of gifts to retiring staff or important clients

  • Free delivery (extending to 5 kim from the shop)

  • Delivery of ice and tubs, including collection of the tubs

  • Provision and collection of glassware (at no cost when alcohol is also being provided)

  • Regular and timely delivery of requirements for “Friday arvo office drinks”

  • Catering (in conjunction with our friends at Lushbucket cafe) for office parties, staff farewells, promotions etc)

  • Specifically appointed wine tastings to open/conclude meetings and gatherings

  • Corporate tastings conducted by our experts at our tasting room above the shop and at other venues.

We shall be delighted to accommodate specific requests which can include the use of the expertise of our partner Sydney Wine Centre.

By arrangement, payment for services can be in advance, on delivery or on account (payment within 30 days of invoice/statement)

Please contact our staff to arrange the benefits of such services to be made available to your business.