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Who are we?



Our Shop

We have one of Sydney's finest selections of boutique wines. We also love to talk. Some come in and chat to our hugely knowledgable team about wines, beers and any other drink you love.


Sharing the passion

We partner with Sydney's premier wine tasting company, Sydney Wine Centre, to put on the best wine tastings in Sydney. Come and taste, compare and enjoy any one of our various fantastic tastings. 


We share the joy of wine. 

This is what we believe...

Wine is Social

Our tastings take place at a communal table, in a relaxed, social atmosphere.  Our tastings are great fun and you are guaranteed to meet someone new.

Learn by Comparing

We believe the best way to learn about a wine is to taste it next to another one. This accentuates the aromas and flavours and helps you realise you know more than you think.

Something for everyone

Whether you've never had a glass before or are a serious enthusiast, we have a  tasting for you. We love to share our passion for wine. We cover all levels, and always will

No such thing as silly questions

Learning about wine should be enjoyable, interesting and just great fun. We love questions and interaction and the chances are if you're thinking something, someone else is too!